Souls not Sales: Women Making Time for God

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It seems the only time we will offer our attention to God is when bad things happen. We get to our knees quickly in times of trouble, don’t we? Many people blame our Father for the problems of the world when, in fact, the people have brought these problems upon the world themselves by serving a sinister being. The devil delivers the trouble we invite, so stop blaming God. Each of us needs to take our share of the blame and attempt to fix these problems by spending time with God in good times as well as bad times.

God needs our help. Let’s not disappoint him. As women we are armed with nurturing, caring and empathetic skills that God can use for good. Our Father has also armed each of us with unique qualities to carry out our individual missions for him. This makes us strong warriors in Christ. Ignoring this call to work for God could have devastating consequences. Don’t put this off any longer. The fact is, if we aren’t obeying God, we are obeying Satan. Choose to obey God today by following the simple list below.

·        Stop indulging Satan

·        Accept Jesus as your Savior

·        Put God first every day

·        Read the bible

·        Pray often

·        Live like the Son

·        Thank the Master for the good times

·        Ask for endurance and deliverance during the difficult times

·        Allow your daily routines to be God-driven

·        Use your unique skills to do his will

·        Use your time wisely for the good of all

·        Be happy in serving the Lord

Begin anew with the following prayer: Father, please forgive me for my disobedience. I am ready to obey, and I need your guidance to prepare me for your holy work. I pray for the strength to carry out each assignment so as to touch as many lives as possible for your sake. I pray for your mercy and grace in order to pass the tests I must endure to prepare for each mission. Thank you for trusting me to help those who need encouragement and to win lost souls over to your side. I realize it is an honor to be called upon to fulfill your missions and that it is my duty to answer in complete humbleness. Praise to your Son who gave His life so I may partake in the harvesting of souls by accepting Him as my Savior. And it is in Jesus’s name that I pray. Amen.


It’s wonderful that you have decided to stop being a slave to Satan. This is the first step in making time for God’s work. But you can’t do it alone. For success, you must accept Christ as your savior. If you have never been saved, if you were once saved but have backslidden, or if you are saved but need to improve the way you live for the Lord, you must ask God for forgiveness in Jesus’s name. Jesus told His disciples in John 14:14 that he would do anything for them as long as the request was made in His name. In John 14:15, Jesus followed up by telling the disciples to obey His commandments as an expression of their love for Him. He will do the same for you if you humble yourself, ask for forgiveness, and obey His commandments. Salvation will deliver the time necessary to provide the meaning and direction you have been seeking in your life.

If the Holy Spirit is tugging at your heart, obey and be released from the prison of your sins. Salvation is not reserved for the church altar; it can be obtained anywhere. When you are born again, God erases all of your past sins. Salvation is a new beginning – a chance to do good things without the chains of sin holding you back. Salvation is a fresh start, allotting time to fulfill your meaningful purpose in life.

It is important to understand that salvation is not like a fairy tale. You will encounter internal change immediately after salvation. Continuously living for God is essential in maintaining that internal change and to bring about gradual physical changes in your life. You must be willing to make sacrifices and incorporate the necessary changes to constantly improve your relationship with God. As in any other relationship, you must do your share of the work for the relationship to flourish.

The evil one will use mockery and past temptations in an attempt to charm you into returning to his work. You must ignore him. His charms are lies and empty promises. The devil doesn’t respect you. He doesn’t want you to succeed. Returning to sin means defeat for you and God. Defeat means you will be cheated out of rewards the Father has for you in heaven. Defeat means an eternity of misery. Defeat means that you are giving up a purpose-filled life. Don’t accept defeat. Be a winner and work for God.

“True humility and fear of the LORD lead to riches, honor, and long life.” (NLT Proverbs 22:4) Humiliation is an important step in becoming a good Christian. This means that you must be humble and modest instead of conceited and self-centered. Humility builds strength and good character. You may have to give up friendships and bad habits when you convert your life for God. In the beginning, this is difficult for some. But with patience and time, you will develop good habits and new friendships. Some old friends may actually follow you to salvation; others may simply accept the new you. The ones who do not are not your friends. In James 4:4, James reminds us that a friend of the world is God’s enemy. I don’t want God to think of me as his enemy. Do you? In order to gain and retain God’s acceptance, you will have to discontinue your sinful ways. In doing so, God will become the best friend you have ever had. The dismissal of sin supplies the time you need to serve the Father.

Father, I pray that you will deliver my sisters and me from temptations and sinful actions so that our lives will reveal the truth about you. Remind us to set aside our selfish feelings and pride in order to make time to serve you, Lord. Help us to realize that with your help, we can make the world a better place for present and future generations. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

God First

It isn’t enough to be saved by the blood of the Lamb. It isn’t enough to believe in God. We have to answer God’s call to action to reverse the problems in our lives and in the world. We have to stop putting ourselves first. When we deny ourselves, we are denying Satan the opportunity to make losers out of us. Following the ways of the world promotes weakness. Following the ways of God builds strength. Putting God first in our lives is of utmost importance. We can signify this importance by beginning each day with God. This routine allows us to get to know God and the Son better and aids us in becoming better servants for our Father.

Begin by devoting at least the first ten minutes of your day to God. Starting your day with God is the first step on the path of putting God first in everything you do in your life. Reading the bible and spending time with God through prayer are important exercises that build your personal skills. The more time you spend on these two exercises, the stronger your God-given skills and faith in God will become. Before you know it, you will be on a day-long journey with God every day. Along the way, God will equip you with necessary armor to protect against feats that lie ahead. (Ephesians 6:13-18)

This holy muscle you are strengthening and the gathering of protective armor will prepare you for any challenges Satan and his evil forces have in store for you. Resist the strategies and tricks of the devil by wearing the armor God supplies. (Ephesians 6:10-12)

God’s mercy and grace are available as often as it takes to overcome any challenge. By accepting challenges, you are obeying God. It is not occasional failure, but total disregard, of these challenges that is dangerous. Challenges provide quality training for God’s work. Satan challenges us because he wants us to fail by not accepting them. He wants to wear us down before we can wear him down. He is counting on our weaknesses to pull us back to his side.

God allows Satan to produce these challenges so we can prove to Satan that we are devoted to God. Our Father has confidence in our strengths to win over Satan or he would not allow the challenges. Pray for success and you will have it. Eventually, Satan tires and stops trying as hard to win you back to his side to do his evil work as is mentioned in James 4:7.

Be careful not to let the devil catch you off guard though; never shed your spiritual armor because he still comes around for battle from time to time. We must remain focused and devoted to prayer and the Word so that we do not fail God by quitting. “God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation. Afterward they will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.” (NLT James 1:12) Being Jesus’s half-brother, I believe James would have understood this well. It is important to remember that God does not tempt us, but that our personal desires tempt us. (James 1:14) When we give in to temptations, Satan indulges in laughter and mockery at our expense. It is not him that we want to please, so ignore those temptations.

These challenges will strengthen you spiritually for the job God has planned for you. Weave your work for God into your everyday routine. It is really that simple. All you are changing are your actions and reactions to challenges in your everyday life. We will discuss this in more detail later.

Father thank you for the encouraging words and lessons we find in the Holy Scriptures. Help us to conform to your written instructions so that we will be the Christians you want us to be. We are your daughters, God, and ready to serve you. Please guide us so that we may accomplish your divine tasks as a sign of submission and obedience to inspire other sisters to follow you. We humbly ask these things in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Knowledge of the Bible

Knowledge is a powerful weapon when we are on a holy mission. The bible is the gateway to the knowledge we need to carry out successful missions. There are many modern versions of the bible now available. Just as you have been chosen for a specific job to do for God, so do these translators have their jobs to make our relationship with God better by using modern words so we can more easily comprehend the messages within the Holy Scriptures. Use this to your advantage and select the version that is easier for you to perceive. Understanding the plan will make your assignment(s) easier to accomplish.

The Old Testament was basically a set of laws for the Israelites to follow. We are told of how the lives of God’s chosen people during the time of the Old Testament were affected when they did or did not live by these laws. The Old Testament also foretold the coming of the Good News who would save the whole world. The laws served as guides for the Israelites until faith arrived many generations later in the form of a baby named Jesus Christ who would teach us how to live by the laws.

The New Testament begins with the Good News – Jesus the Messiah. He is called the Good News because His death on the cross was for the entire world. After Christ’s crucifixion, God was no longer the God of just the Israelites but became God of the world, fulfilling his promise to Abraham in Genesis 12:3 that all the families on earth would be blessed because of him. Paul reiterated this message in Galatians 3:27-29, telling how the acceptance of and faith in Christ affects everyone for the good. Anyone who is saved has accepted a new life, and anyone who is saved is equal to all others who are saved. This oneness in Christ makes us all Abraham’s children.

Jesus’s selfless act changed the world and many of the rules from the days of the Old Testament. For starters, He was the ultimate sacrifice. There is no longer a need to sacrifice animals for burnt offerings that were performed by the Israelites throughout the Old Testament because the sacrifice of the Lamb of God cannot be exceeded. We have been reconciled with our Creator via the Son’s sacrifice.

With the exclusion of such a routine as animal sacrifice our time can be used to perform other duties for God’s purpose. I advise reading the Old Testament; however, I feel that reading the New Testament immediately is significant for busy women who want to answer the call to Christianity and to fulfill their godly services in a timely manner. Many versions of the bible are also available in audio format so you can listen to the Message while driving, exercising, feeding the baby, or any other daily routine.

Jesus, God in the flesh, accepted women as equally helpful weapons against Satan. He openly discussed theology with them and accepted their services, unlike other men of that time. In a sense, Jesus started the equal rights movement for women. Thank Him by serving Him. Most women have many of Jesus’s caring attributes so as to be able to easily follow His ways. By placing our main focus on the New Testament, our time is used wisely. Study the ways Jesus lived in order to fully understand God’s laws.

Whether writing, singing, helping in the community, praying for people with special needs, public speaking, or any number of other duties, the bible will serve as your spiritual map. As individuals with individual instructions from God, individual messages are revealed to each of us as we carefully study his scriptures. Reading or listening to the scriptures will give us clear directions for our individualized paths.

Father, provide a clear path for us to follow and keep it well-lit so that we do not stumble. Let your Word be like a trail of bread crumbs so that we do not lose our way as we set out to deliver the Good News to others. Direct our paths to the remote souls of the world. This we ask in Jesus’s name. Amen

Power of Prayer and Open Connection

Since that day Christ paid for our debts on the cross, atonement was established with God so that we can pray directly to God. Unlike the times of the Old Testament when this freedom was not extended beyond God’s select few, that freedom now belongs to everyone to use at any time. The world desperately needs our prayers so connect with God at least once each day. I pray that all who are reading this will exercise their rights by praying extensively each day.

Jesus prayed daily. We should pray daily just as He did in order to strengthen our relationship with our Father. Amen is often used to conclude prayers by many people. It does not end the connection with God however. Amen simply means “so be it”, “verily” or “truly”. The connection to God remains open even after the conclusion of each prayer. We must use this open connection to listen for God’s answers and instructions throughout each day and to keep our minds clear of worldly debris.

Many people think that praying is like requesting wishes from a genie. That is not true of course. God has reasons for saying “no” or “not now”. Like any parent, God, our Father, knows what is best for us. His timing is perfect and we must often wait for, or merely accept, our Master’s replies. Patient prayer is important for carrying out our assignments correctly. Do you remember those challenges we discussed earlier? What you pray for may not fit into God’s plan right away or at all. Always remember that God is always right. If the end result is that God provide pleasure for you, the answer will be no.

Prayer should not be used as a request line alone. Use prayer and open connection to thank God for all he does for you each day. Praise him for his interest in your spiritual good and not your worldly good.

Have you ever tried having an old fashioned friendly conversation with God? Try speaking to God without expecting anything in return. Just talk to him like you would any other friend. It is a highly rewarding experience.

Listen for God’s messages outside of prayer. Open connection is why each of us exists. Life is a privilege God has extended to each of us. We did not plan to be here but we have been selected to be here. When we listen, God chooses our husbands for us. He chooses our children for us. When we live for God, our life choices are directed by God. This does not mean life will be perfect but it will be harmonious.

If you don’t have that open connection with God, you will make wrong decisions whether you’re praying or not. For example, during my second pregnancy, I was faced with a very important decision. First of all, circumstances came about that seemed like a miscarriage had occurred. In a sense it did. A baby called a “vanishing twin” did not develop and my body discarded it. We were saddened that we would not know that child and be able to show it our love and affection. However, one baby did develop so that lifted our spirits until an ultrasound and blood work later suggested that the baby had multiple health problems. My doctor told us that it would be in the best interest of our baby to terminate the pregnancy because even if he survived the pregnancy, he would likely die by the age of two and have a miserable life during those two years.

Fortunately, my tears touched my doctor’s heart and she gave us a referral for a second opinion. That night, I wasn’t sure what to pray for until I “heard” a voice telling me that God doesn’t make mistakes. Why would he take only one baby if both should die? He wouldn’t! He wouldn’t take the wrong baby either. The one was sacrificed in order to save the other. Does this sound familiar? God doesn’t make mistakes! My decision was to not terminate the pregnancy regardless of what the second opinion revealed. I simply asked the Father to terminate the pregnancy for me if it was not meant for me to have this child. I would be sad but I would accept his decision. And if it was his will for our baby to live, to please give me the strength to raise our baby boy regardless of the health issues he may have.

The second ultrasound provided a little more hope so we were sent to specialists about one hundred miles away from our home for a third opinion. They monitored our unborn son closely for about four months. They concluded that despite the original findings that our son was a healthy baby boy. They could not explain why everything had drastically changed but they did give credit to God for the miracle they had witnessed.

All was going well until a few days prior to a planned C-section. I began to hemorrhage. My husband called my doctor and she told him to get me to the hospital immediately. Once there I was prepped and under anesthesia in less than ten minutes.

When I woke up, a clipboard and pencil were shoved at me. Our baby was alive but he was in severe pain. What blood had not left my body had gone into his tiny 5 lb. 2 oz., 17 inch long body. They needed my signature to perform a reverse transfusion to remove the excess blood. Testing began almost immediately after the reverse transfusion was complete. As hard as they tried, doctors could not find anything wrong with him. They simply confirmed what the other specialists had been saying for the previous few months—he was a healthy baby boy. He spent less than a week in NICU. At the time of writing this book, our son is a healthy seventeen-year-old who is aware of the fact that he is a miracle, and he walks closely with God because of this. The fact is, we all are miracles and we all should walk closely with God. After all, our companionship with him is why God created us. That’s the whole purpose for human existence. As Christians we must work diligently to bring as many people to God as possible.

Prayer and open connection fulfill that divine companionship. Had it not been for the open connection, I would not have heard the important message from God and my prayers might have been flawed with selfish pleas. I requested help rather than a yes or no reply. Pray so that God can strengthen you and your faith. Letting God remain in control is the power of prayer. It’s alright to ask God for things in your life, but he knows what is best. Trust his decisions. Mothers should understand this more than anyone. We can’t give our children everything they request. Maybe they want something that isn’t affordable or moral. At some point, any of us will have to answer “no” or “not now” for any given reason. God, our Father, is no exception. Just as any other parent, he punishes and disciplines those of us he loves and accepts as his children. (Hebrews 12:6-7) Below is a prayer that you may find helpful to strengthen your faith and the faith of others.

Father, teach me to pray unselfishly so that faith, and not answers, will guide me. Train me to ignore the expectations of worldly answers such as yes and no from you so that I can fully live my life for you and not for answers. I trust you completely for my daily provisions. Thank you for preventing disaster in my life by providing exactly what I need to accomplish my tasks each day. I realize that you know what is best for me and that anything extra would be a waste.

Lead me to those who are seeking a relationship with you and who will help to spread the Good News. Help me to perform my godly duties so that many empty hearts will overflow with your love. If it is your will, I pray that you will never run out of uses for me, Lord. Thank you for teaching me daily as I am continuously learning to better serve you and your Son. In Jesus’s name I humbly pray. Amen.

Action and Reaction in our Daily Lives

Daily routine can easily be turned into work for God. Work for God is also time well-spent with God. As women taking care of family, home, and work-related issues, we often forget how important our roles are in God’s world. We must make more time for God and his Son in everyday life and not only during tough times. We may actually have fewer tough times in our personal lives if we devote more time to God on a daily basis.

Everything you do each day can be God’s work so that you will not need to seek extra time to fulfill your divine obligations. You can work your regular hours, raise your kids, cook your meals, clean your house, and enjoy your friends and family without needing extra time to do your work for God. As I mentioned previously, simply changing your actions and reactions can make the difference. How can you do this? Live like Jesus.

There are a few things you can do to accomplish this needed metamorphosis. First, discover your faults. Look at yourself from someone else’s viewpoint. Listen to yourself as if you were listening with someone else’s ears. We all want to have as few faults as possible so work assiduously to accomplish fewer faults. Seeing and hearing ourselves from these different perspectives as we discuss the shortcoming of others should aid in distinguishing our own imperfections as well.

It’s just as important to reduce our faults when we’re alone as it is when others are watching. Otherwise, we are hypocrites. Remember, God is always watching us. A good show to impress others does not impress him. He knows the difference between a true follower and a fake one. Your conscience will help you determine which one you are.

Our cat is a prime example of a conscience at work. She knows which behaviors are unacceptable in our home. When she is faced with temptation to do the unacceptable, she has a peculiar meow that draws my attention to her. It’s as though she wants me to remove the temptation. When I hear this meow, I often find that a door has been left open to a room she is not welcome in or she has gotten an item that she is prohibited from playing with or perhaps she is considering jumping onto the dining room table. Shutting doors and answering her calls with a few minutes of one-on-one time keeps her out of trouble. If a cat knows right from wrong enough to warn her masters of the temptations she is faced with, we as humans should be able to ask our Father to shut the doors to our temptations via our one-on-one prayer sessions with him.

Gossip is perhaps one of the toughest doors to shut and to keep shut. The world would be a better place if everyone would think before speaking. (James 3:6) In this verse, James tells how the wicked tongue is set on fire by hell and corrupts the entire body in the process. When you catch yourself talking about others, think about what the person you are talking to must be thinking about you. Have you ever noticed that the faults people point out in others are extremely obvious in themselves as well? So you are likely making your own faults more noticeable when you talk about others.

Gossip is not the only sin of the tongue. Mean words hurt too. When you are saying mean things, think about how it must feel to be hearing those remarks. You should become ashamed of yourself right away. By saying only nice things and walking away from gossip, you are setting a good example of action and reaction for others to follow.

The bible is stocked with action and reaction plans. For example, in Matthew 7: 1-5, Jesus explains why it is important to not judge others until you can make improvements in yourself. Chances are we will never have time to deal with the specks in our friends’ eyes as we have many logs that need continuous removal from our own eyes. Then there is the golden rule explained by Jesus in Matthew 7:12 telling us how treating others the way we want to be treated were stressed in the laws from the Old Testament. Many twist this verse in a way that it was never meant to be used -- to do to others that has been done to them. If you are one who does this, stop and use the rule as it should be used. By following the rule appropriately, you are once more setting a good example for others to follow.

As you can see, Jesus was a wonderful teacher of good actions. Read all four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and practice what Jesus taught. He knew us so well that he was able to pinpoint all of our faults and reveal them to us in these four books of the bible. We should read these as if Jesus were talking to us individually. Others are watching those of us who claim salvation in the blood of Jesus Christ and who claim we are living for God. Our actions and reactions must reveal what we claim.

Too much time is wasted on gossip, hurtful comments, anger, jealousy and other bad habits and emotions. By ending the bad habits and the sinful, controlling emotions, time will be available for much needed prayer and bible study to help ourselves and others overcome challenges. Remember this any time you gather with others as well as when you are alone. Whether you’re a mother, a boss, part of the women’s auxiliary at church, simply shopping, or cleaning house, let your love for God and the Son show in your actions and reactions. Time for God is readily available by omitting sinful ways.

Help us, Father, to live like Jesus through our actions and reactions. Help us to live by your will and not our own. Remind us that you are the only Judge and that when we judge others we are imprecating ourselves to be similarly judged. Help us to use that time, instead, honoring you in order to avoid harsh judgment when we meet you face-to-face. In Jesus’s name, amen.

Serve Happily

God is pleased when we enjoy our work. Thank God for all he has provided you with and for your health to carry out your daily chores, rather than grumble about the time and energy it takes to complete the tasks. We should always work as though we were working for God himself. (Colossians 3:23) Staying busy with our daily work should keep us from sinning. The saying about “idle hands are the devil’s workshop” is comparable to Proverbs 18:9.

With that being said, don’t get so busy with life that you forget to include God. Every minute and everything you do should be devoted to God. But I think everyone should have that one-on-one time with God as well. God requests ten percent of wages earned to be tithed and I believe ten percent of time that he grants us each day should be tithed as well. Most of us are awake sixteen hours a day. Ten percent is 1.6 hours or one hour and thirty-six minutes.

One hour and thirty-six minutes is a small sacrifice for all that God does for us each day and for that special sacrifice Jesus made for us. Remember, we talked about how new actions and reactions can free up this crucial time for us. You don’t have to spend one hour and thirty-six minutes straight. God doesn’t mind if you break it up into more manageable time frames. Your new action and reaction plans can be included in that time as I have pointed out below.

Don’t look at your daily work for God as something else you have to find time to do. Work for God can be a restful and relaxing time. We have discussed many of the ways we can spend time with God already. Reading or listening to the bible and prayer are the two main ways we can spend time with God. Listen for answers through the open connection. This can be during any quiet time you have such as showering, driving to work, gardening or crafting. Conduct the work God has called you to. It isn’t like punching a time clock for work. Just make a conscious effort.

Think of action and reaction plans you can implement into your life. Instead of stewing over how the neighbors act or talking about a co-worker during a work break, read your bible. Sit in a quiet room and talk to God for thirty minutes instead of watching TV. Simple lifestyle changes with a new action/reaction plan will provide necessary free time for God.

Even if it isn’t apparent at first, He will help you find the time to fulfill your purpose for him. Be happy that he loves you and trusts you enough to call you into service for him. Nothing else is more important than your service for God. You may be surprised how fast 10% grows to 100%.

Father, time passes so quickly. I pray that you will help every sister who is reading this to find the time she needs to fulfill the requests you have asked of her. Help her to find the spare time she never knew she had. Bless her as she touches the lives of others. In Jesus’s name, amen.


God first breathed life into the human race. As explained in John 3:16, God loved the whole world that he sacrificed his son for all of us so that we could spend our eternal lives with him. It’s time for us to breathe life back into God’s Word. It’s time for us to give God what he wants so the sacrifice of his son will not be in vain. As I have mentioned, it isn’t going to take much time for each of us to do her part. He is asking each of us to do a small task, something he has properly equipped us for. The world needs our prayers, our lessons, our hugs, our smiles, our kind actions and reactions to help people reach salvation. People are hungry for the Word and thirsty for the Living Water. If it seems like your part is insignificant, think about teamwork. One soldier doesn’t go into battle alone. It takes multiple soldiers, each trained with individual skills, to win a war. Each of us has a special skill in this battle for God.

Don’t let fear, feelings, time, Satan, or anything else stand in your way of persevering. Acts 9 tells us that Apostle Paul was first Saul, the Christian persecutor. He worked for the jealous Jewish high priests, arresting and persecuting Christians until the spirit of Jesus approached him to work for him instead. Jesus made Paul blind for three days. Paul prayed to Jesus during these three days. When his sight was restored by Ananias, Paul realized this miracle was delivered by the very real Savior, Jesus Christ, and he immediately gave up his work for the high priests. His suffering led him to salvation. He didn’t ask why he was chosen to work for Jesus. He didn’t say he didn’t have time. He didn’t say he had to fulfill the wishes of the high priests instead. He didn’t worry about the money he was giving up to do God’s work. He accepted his duties to convert Gentiles, kings and people of Israel to Christianity and faced persecution and death himself.

Acts 9 also explains how Paul was not immediately trusted or accepted by other believers because of his past. Despite all that, Paul did not allow that to hinder his mission. He became one of the best apostles of all time. Jesus saw how useful Paul could be. No matter how imperfect any of us are or have been, Jesus has a use for us too. Each of us is valuable to Him when we stop obeying Satan, convert to godly ways, and open our eyes to the divine tasks set before us.

God won’t send you on your mission without preparing you. You will know what to do when you need to know. This same God made the morning and evening light, calms raging winds, and feeds the flowers of the fields. Trust him to help you handle your mission.

Your actions and reactions may be what others are waiting for to follow their commands from God. Stop obeying Satan. Allow God to work through you to help others escape the pits of hell. We are Jehovah’s carpenters building escape routes for those God will call into his service next.

All of us working for God may relieve the entire world of some of its troubles. One kind word or kind act or even a smile may create a domino effect crossing oceans or reach borders thousands of miles away. We do not have to be missionaries or evangelists to spread God’s love. Actions can be just as powerful as any word ever spoken. Without actions, our faith is incomplete as James mentioned in James 2:22. Let’s set our work in motion before time runs out.

Think of this in another way--waste not, want not. We don’t get to relive our days so we can’t recycle or reuse our days. What is gone is gone. But we can repurpose our days so they are spent serving the Lord. By doing so, God will repurpose our lives. Don’t waste any more days serving Satan.

Have faith that our peaceful God, who raised Jesus from the dead, will provide everything for you that you will need to perform your divine duties. (Hebrews 13:20) It is up to us to strengthen those who are weak. Live as peacefully as possible with others, live a holy life, and watch out for each other. (Hebrews 12:12-15)

Find value in your sufferings and challenges. Use these as learning tools and teach others through compassion and example. All sufferings are not punishments; they are training techniques. Dedicate more time to God than to the sins of self-centered desires. Relying on human acceptance can be very disappointing. God doesn’t care how much money you have, your earthly possessions, your physical traits, or your knowledge of earthly things. These are all human judgments. God judges your heart and actions. If you do kind deeds to be seen or patted on the back by others, that is not a kind deed. That is another act of self-satisfaction for attention. Just as telling people of your kind deeds is the same act of self-satisfaction. Strive for divine acceptance rather than human acceptance. Divine rewards for your divine services await you in the end.

On the other end of the spectrum is hell. Imagine the hottest, the most uncomfortable, the weakest, the thirstiest, and the worst of anything you have ever felt. You will experience far worse than that if you go to hell. Are a few years of self-satisfaction on earth worth eternity of pain, fire, darkness, and separation from God? Of course not! Find satisfaction in the Lord. He’s calling. Return to the open connection. Listen. Obey. Reserve your place in heaven with God, Jesus, the Angels, and others who have strived for a place in heaven like you have. Entrance is by invitation only. RSVP by obeying God. Be aware that God will only call for a limited time. Once he closes the connection, there are no more invitations. Exchange wasted time with Satan for a meaningful life with God while the invitation is available. Don’t be too busy. When you die, having fulfilled your obligations to God while you were alive is all that will matter.

Open our eyes, Father, to the work ahead. Time is short; help us to remain focused on our divine assignments. Others are seeking you. We want to be beacons that guide those lost souls safely home to you, Lord. In the precious name of the Son, Jesus Christ, amen.

Blessings in Christ,



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